Phy. Science A

Tuesday 3/8/11

3rd hour exam, and 4th and 5th hour review and exams

Exam Review and Text Books due today

Homework – None

Monday 3/7/11

1st and 2nd hour exam reviews and exams.

Reviews are due and books need to be turned in.

Homework – None

Friday 3/4/11

Exam Review Cont. Finish 60 Questions for a grade.

Rest of the Review is due Exam Day for the other half of the grade.

Homework – Finish Review and Study for Exams

Thursday 3/3/11

MME Testing in the AM

Half of 3rd, 4th and 5th Hour starting at 12 noon

Exam Review for 4th and 5th Hour

Homework – Exam Review Packet (60 Questions done and due by Friday end of Hour for a grade.)

Wednesday 3/2/11

MME Testing in the AM

1st, 2nd and half of 3rd Hour starting at 12 noon

Exam Review for 1st and 2nd Hour

Homework – Exam Review Packet (60 Questions done and due by Friday end of Hour for a grade.)

Tuesday 3/1/11

ACT Testing – No Classes

Monday 2/28/11

Continue Chapter 6 Notes for Acids and Bases

Homework – None

Friday 2/25/11

Chapter 6 Guided notes and Section Review Questions

pg. 191 1-5, pg. 198 1-6, and pg. 206 1-3

Homework – Finish Notes and Questions

Thursday 2/24/11

Test Today over Chapter 5 – Chemical Reactions and Balancing Equations

Homework – None

Wednesday 2/23/11

Test Moved to Thursday the 24th

Cont. Review for Chap. 5 Test

Chap. 5 Study Guide Due Thursday

Homework – Study

Tuesday 2/22/11

Snow Day

Monday 2/21/11

No School

Friday 2/18/11

Review the Answers for Balancing WS #2

Hand out Writing and Balancing Chemical Equations WS, Class time

Hand out 5.3 Guided Notes, and Chapter 5 Study Guide

Homework – Study for Test and Finish all 3 Assignments. Test Tuesday

Thursday 2/17/11

Cont. Balancing

Review Balancing WS #1

PowerPoint Notes on Writing & Balancing Chemical Equations

Balancing WS #2

Homework – Balancing WS #2

Wednesday 2/16/11

Review Reaction Types

Start working with Balancing Chemical Equations

PowerPoint Notes for Balancing

Balancing WS #1

Homework – Balancing WS #1

Tuesday 2/15/11

Reviewed 5.1 Guided Notes

Reviewed 5.1 Section Review Questions

Went over 5.2 Reaction Types

5.2 Guided Notes and Review Questions pg. 160 1, 3-6

Homework – Finish Notes and Questions

Monday 2/14/11

Started Chapter 5 Section 1 – Chemical Reactions

5.1 PowerPoint Notes

Guided Notes for 5.1

Homework – Finish 5.1 Guided Notes (If not finished in class),  Questions pg. 153 1-5

Friday 2/11/11

Test Today over Chapter 4 – Ionic & Covalent Compounds

Study Guide Due today

Homework – None

Thursday 2/10/11

Review for Chapter 4 Test which is FRIDAY

Study Guided Handed Out

Homework – Finish Study Guide and Study

Wednesday 2/9/11

Reviewed Naming Ionic and Covalent Compounds/Writing Ionic and Covalent Formulas

Turned in Naming WS #2

Took PowerPoint Notes on 4.4 Organic Compounds – Alkanes

Start Studying for the Chapter 4 Test which is Friday

Homework – None.

Tuesday 2/8/11

Reviewed pg. 128 1,2 in class

Reviewed steps to naming both Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Naming WS #2 Ionic and Covalent Compounds, Due Wednesday.

TEST on Friday over all of Chapter 4

Homework – Naming WS #2

Monday 2/7/11

Reviewed Covalent Bonding Drawings, Worksheet Due Tuesday

Ionic Naming and Writing Ionic Formulas is Due Tuesday

Notes on Covalent Naming

Ionic and Covalent Naming Practice Problems,  pg.128 1+2 in notes

Homework – pg. 128 1+2, Finish both assignments that are due Tuesday

Test Friday over Chap. 4

Friday 2/4/11

Cont. with Covalent Bonding PowerPoint Notes

Learning Lewis Dot Diagrams & Structural Formulas

Covalent Bonding Worksheet

Homework -

Thursday 2/3/11

Snow Day

Wednesday 2/2/11

Snow Day

Tuesday 2/1/11

Quiz over Ionic Bonding

Start Covalent Bonding PowerPoint Notes

Homework – None

Monday 1/31/11

Cont. Working on Naming Ionic Compounds & Writing Ionic Formulas

Review Ionic Naming Worksheet

Quiz Tomorrow over Ionic Bonding

Homework – Study for Ionic Bonding Quiz

Friday 1/28/11

Cont. Working on Ionic Formulas and Naming Ionic Compounds

PowerPoint Notes on Naming Ionic Compounds

Big Ionic Naming Worksheet

Quiz on Tuesday over Ionic Bonding

Homework – Ionic Naming Worksheet

Thursday 1/27/11

Cont. in class working on the Ionic Bonding WS

Introduced Polyatomic Ions and Transition Metals

Finished Ionic Bonding WS

Handed out 4.2 Guided Notes

Homework – 4.2 Guided Notes

Wednesday 1/26/11

Cont. working with Ionic Bonding and writing Chemical Formulas

Handed out Ionic Bonding Worksheet, work on pages 1-2

Homework – Ionic Bonding Worksheet

Tuesday 1/25/11

2 Hour Delay

Salt & Sugar Demo – Molecular vs. Network Structures

Time in class for 4.1 Guided Notes

Started to take notes on Ionic Bonding.

Homework – Finish 4.1 Guided Notes

Monday 1/24/11

Element Quiz #4

Start Chap. 4 Sec. 1 Compounds & Molecules

PowerPoint Notes for 4.1

Guided Notes for 4.1

Homework – Guided Notes 4.1

Friday 1/21/11

Test Chapter 3 – Atoms & Periodic Table

Due Today:

  • 3.3 Guided Notes
  • 3.3 Worksheet
  • Chapter 3 Study Guide

Homework – 4th Element Quiz Monday

Thursday 1/20/11

Test Tomorrow over Chapter 3 – Atoms & Periodic Table

Study Guide for Chapter 3 Handed out, had the hour to work on it.

Study Guide Due Tomorrow along with 3.3 Guided Notes and 3.3 Worksheet

Homework – Study for Chapter 3 Test, Finish Study Guide, Finish 3.3 Notes and WS

Wednesday 1/19/11

Finished 3.3 Periodic Table PowerPoint Notes

Gave class time to finish 3.3 Guided Notes and Handed out 3.3 Practice WS

Homework – Finish 3.3 Guided Notes, WS due Friday, Test moved to Friday

Tuesday 1/18/11

Element Quiz #3 (30 Elements)

Review Bohr Models

3.3 PowerPoint Notes on Families of the Periodic Table, Sodium Demo

3.3 Guided Notes

TEST Chap. 3 Thursday

Homework – Start working on your 3.3 Guided Notes

Monday 1/17/11

PD Day for Staff – No School for Students

Friday 1/14/11

Element Quiz #2 Today

Next Ten Elements for a total of 30

Bohr Model Example

3.1 and 3.2 Notes for a grade today

Review Valance Electrons and Ionization

Oxidation Number (Ion Charge) Worksheet

Element Quiz #3 on Tuesday (No School Monday)

Homework – Finish Notes

Thursday 1/13/11

Element Quiz #2 Friday over 1st 20

Bohr Model Example

New PowerPoint Notes on Valence Electrons and Ionization.

Periodic Table Worksheet

TEST over Chapter 3 Wednesday Next week the 19th.

Homework – Finish 3.1 and 3.2 Notes for a grade Friday, Periodic Table WS

Wednesday 1/12/11

Element Quiz #1 Today

Gave out the 2nd Ten Elements, Quiz #2 will be Friday the 14th

Reviewed How to Draw Bohr Models

Handed out 3.2 Guided Notes on the Periodic Table

Homework – 3.2 Guided Notes, 3.1 Guided Notes will be take for a grade Thursday

Tuesday 1/11/11

Finish Dead Guy Notes from 3.1

Intro. into Electron Orbitals and Bohr Models

Handed Out 3.1 Guided Notes and Periodic Tables

Element Quiz #1 Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Homework – Finish 3.1 Guided Notes and Start Coloring Periodic Table, Study for Element Quiz #1

Monday 1/10/11

Element Names and Symbols Given out for the 1st Element Quiz which is Wednesday

Power Point Notes for the 5 Dead Guys

Homework – Study for Element Quiz 1

Friday 1/7/11

Test Today over Chapter 2

Homework – NONE

Thursday 1/6/11

Study Guide for Chapter 2 handed out

Cont. to Review for Chapter 2 TEST

Homework – Finish Study Guide and Study

Wednesday 1/5/11

Reviewed Phy/Chem Changes WS #1 in class

Started Review for Chapter 2 Test which is Friday

Chapter Review pg. 61-62 #1-10, 14-21 Due Thursday

Chemical/Physical Worksheet #2

Homework – Chapter Review, Chemical/Physical Worksheet #2, and Start Studying

Tuesday 1/4/11

Reviewed 2.3 Guided Notes and Density Practice Problems

Finished 2.3 with PowerPoint Notes on Chemical and Physical Changes

2.3 Guided Notes due today for a grade

Homework – Chemical and Physical Changes Worksheet, Test Friday over Chap. 2

Monday 1/3/11

Review KMT Worksheet Due Tuesday

PowerPoint Notes over section 2.3 Properties of Matter

Guided Notes for 2.3 with Density Equation

Finish Notes and Practice Problems for Density

Homework – 2.3 Guided Notes

Saturday 1/1/11

Happy New Year

Friday 12/17/10

Review 2.2 Guided Notes

PowerPoint Notes on Conservation of Mass and Phase Changes

KMT Worksheet

2.2 Notes Taken as a grade

Homework – Finish KMT Worksheet, Have a safe and restful break.

Thursday 12/16/10

Stared 2.2 with PowerPoint notes over Matter and Energy

KMT Notes, and KMT Demo

Guided Notes for 2.2 Handed out

Homework – Finish 2.2 Guided Notes

Wednesday 12/15/10

Cont. 2.1 PowerPoint Notes on Mixtures and Pure Substances

Cont. working in class on 2.1 Guided Notes

Homework – Finish Guided Notes

Tuesday 12/14/10

Started Chapter 2 with Section 1 on Matter

PowerPoint Notes on Matter

Guided Notes for 2.1

Homework – 2.1 Guided Notes

Monday 12/13/10

Snow Day – No School

Friday 12/10/10

Chapter 1 TEST Today!

Homework – None

Thursday 12/9/10

Reviewed Sci. Notation – PowerPoint

Reviewed Section Review Questions

Handed out Chapter 1 Study Guide (In Class Work)

Cont. Review with Questions on pg. 27-28 1-17

Homework – Finish Study Guide and Chapter Review, Study for Test

Wednesday 12/8/10

Reviewed Metric Measurement Lab and turned in

Short Video dealing with Observations and Inference

Reviewed Lab Safety Rules

Gave time in class to finish Section Review Questions from Tuesday, Started to Review them

Homework – Finish Review Questions, Test on Friday

Tuesday 12/7/10

Finish up Metric Measurement Lab

Finish up 1.1 – 1.3 Notes, Due today

Finish up graphs and Due today

In-Class work: pg. 11 1-5, pg. 19 1-4, pg. 26 5,6

Homework – None

Monday 12/6/10

Metric Measurement Lab in class, Lab sheet due tomorrow

Review 1.2 Notes in class

During class if you are not in lab you will be working on the following:

1.3 Guided Notes, Graphing Assignment

Homework – 1.3 Notes, Graphs,  and Lab

Friday 12/3/10

Reviewed Lab Material ID Activity

Passed out Lab Material ID Sheet

Lab Contracts Need to be signed

Took Notes on Scientific Notation and Metric System

Passed out 1.2 Guided Notes

Homework – Finish 1.2 Guided Notes

Thursday 12/2/10

PowerPoint Notes on Intro to Science 1.1

Lab Material ID Avticity

Homework – Finish Lab Worksheet

Wednesday 12/1/10

Review the Class Blog

Start Scientific Notation, pg. 23-24

Hand out Scientific Notation Worksheet

Homework – Guided Notes 1.1

Tueaday 11/30/10

Hand in any signed syllabi sheets.
Hand out Text Books.
Mobius Strip Lab Activity.
Homework: None

Monday 11/29/10
Welcome to Physical Science A  – Class Syllabus and Power Point